Fit for Quality


Do you want to know how good your quality management is compared to the best in the industry? Then use the results of the "Fit for Quality" evaluation of the VDMA-Benchmarks Quality Management! In this approach we have identified 22 success factors that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your quality management.

The approach is based on the VDMA-Benchmarks Quality Management 2017. The indicators "external error costs" and "adherence to delivery dates" contained in the Fit for Quality approach represent the success factors for the effectiveness of quality management. With them it is possible to distinguish between successful and less successful companies. These differ in the extent of the 22 relevant success factors identified. This includes the clear orientation of the processes towards value creation, the focusing of the testing activities and the identification of the main areas of error.

With the Fit for Quality approach you can enter your data directly and get a positioning of your company. By means of these results the own quality situation can be recognized better. In addition, the evaluation provides you with additional suggestions for further developing your own quality management with the aim of reducing external error costs and increasing adherence to delivery dates.

The VDMA member companies thus have a digital toolkit in their hands to compare themselves with the best in the capital goods industry.

Link to the online self-assessment tool:

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