Global Service 2014: Best Services Worldwide

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Customers all over the world have judged the satisfaction with services and given the German service top marks in comparison with other providers.

In summary, the customers of the German service are very satisfied with this worldwide. Of its competitors, only the Japanese manufacturer's service is still a persistent pursuer worldwide. The service of the manufacturing countries USA and Italy ends up at the lower end of the global assessment, beaten.

In this worldwide service business on the threshold of industry 4.0, the "Global Service 2014" study initiated by the VDMA's Central Customer Service Working Group provides current satisfaction among service customers of the German mechanical engineering industry and its most important market partners in the USA, China, Brazil, Russia, India, as well as the European states of Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany.

The evaluation is carried out according to the typical service fields of mechanical engineering: installation/commissioning, maintenance, incident management, repair, spare parts, modernization, training, consulting and complaint processing.

However, the markets have specific characteristics that are attributable to very different customer expectations of the services provided in different countries. A more precise knowledge of their own market enables manufacturers to better meet the expectations of their customers in their home markets and thus to catch up with the leaders or in some cases even exceed them.

The resulting SWOT analyses will be used to develop company-specific strategies.

For the first time, VDMA member companies now have an instrument at their disposal that enables them, for example, to better adapt their own service to local expectations or to optimise their service expenditure in the most important target markets.

Usage of the results of the study

The overview contains key results and provides an insight into the evaluation methodology. The worldwide analysis enables a global assessment of the competitiveness of the individual supplier countries. Special country evaluations for the customer countries USA, Germany-Austria-Switzerland (DACH), Italy, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Russia, India and China benefit those who are interested in local details including customer satisfaction with the local main competitors.

The presentation of the differences between internal and external views helps to identify misjudgements regarding customer preferences.

The trends identified for the individual markets show the opportunities and risks for individual service markets as the basis for a SWOT analysis.



Analysis by country

Differences between internal and external views



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